We suggest the below

  • Solar Energy Solutions
  • LED Lights
  • Solar A.C/Inverter base A.C/VRF/VRFD/Absorption base Chillers
  • Solar water pumping with submersible pumps
  • HFO/LFO/BIO MASS Solutions for Large Industries to reduce their Energy costs.

We suggest products which can reduce the load and become Green as well.

We conduct the Energy Audits and recommend sustainability model for the organization to become sustainable in future.

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No compromise to lifestyle. Mono solar panels (A grade) with 3 years warranty. Power your home & office all day free from solar. Enjoy the UPS backup at night. Microprocessor controlled Solar priority. Battery management system. Pure Sine wave, High power factor, high surge capacity, High efficiency inverters with remote control. Long life GEL Batteries.
*Water Pumps

Photovoltaic Modules

T-Solar manufactures high quality crystalline modules through rigorous quality control, ensures a guaranteed power performance in solar arrays for residential and commercial installations.

*Plus Power Tolerance (0.3%)
*Modules Conform to TUV to withstand high level of wind & snow load
*Proprietary PV Glass Design
*Easy Installation & Minimal Maintenance
*Free of Overheating

Charge Controllers

*Midnite Controllers
*MPPT Chargers


Grid-tied inverters operate based on sophisticated technology. Available from 2KW to 6KW, these inverters are equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) capability with wide input range from 150V to 600V, providing excellent system design flexibility. Also featuring a protection rating of IP65 and built-in DC switch, the MPI series inverters work comfortably outdoors and allow servicing and maintenance to be performed safely.
*Grid-Tied Inverters
*Off-Grid Inverters